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Elite® Garage Doors, Repair & Services In Salt Lake City UT & Salt Lake County

Elite® Garage Doors, Repair & Services In Salt Lake City UT & Salt Lake County

Elite Garage Doors of Salt Lake is here to serve all your garage door repair and maintenance needs.  With a team of licensed and experienced technicians, we have the tools and training to handle any problem big or small when it comes to your home’s largest moving appliance.  Serving the Salt Lake City area, we’re on call to help our clients stay safe and put value back into their home.

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From noisy rollers to shaky joints, we can diagnose and repair almost anything when it comes to your garage door.  Composite, wood, or steel, we handle all sizes and styles as well as maintain important system components like springs, the garage door opener, and mounting hardware.  You might be tempted to DIY some of these problems but trust us, giving us a call can spare you from causing more damage to your garage or potential harm to yourself.

Have You Pulled Up Into The Drive Of Your Property Only To Find That Something Has Happened To Your Garage Door?
Perhaps The Panel Doors Have Become Damaged?
The Spring Is Broken?
The Garage Door Opener Is Faulty?
The Cables Withered Or Components and Bearings Not Working As They Should Be?
No Matter What Brand and Manufacturer – Our Elite Garage Door Repair Services Experts Are Here To Help!
Elite Garage Door Special Offers - New Openers Starting As Low As $79
Elite Garage Door Special Offers - Spring Replacment Starting As Low As $79
Elite Garage Door Special Offers - Garage Door Maintenance Starting As Low As $99
Elite Garage Door Special Offers - 10 Percent Off For Any Repair

Garage Door Installation & Replacement

Not only do we provide maintenance and routine services but we also have complete replacement and installation packages.  Sometimes components just can’t be salvaged, so an entirely new door is the only way to go and that’s why we strive to provide the best service for your money until you’re completely satisfied!

Garage Door Openers and Parts

When we say we carry all garage door components, we mean it.  From panels to cables, rollers, and tracks, we have everything necessary to finish the job.  The most important part of garage door installation, however, is the door opener itself.  We carry the best name brands from Genie, Stanley, Marantec and more with a full warranty.

We Service and Repair All Major Brand’s Openers - Elite Garage Door Of Salt Lake City

Garage door openers come in many different styles and price points. Some are as follows:
Chain Drive   

The most common type of opener utilizes a chain to lift and lower the door. While reliable and long-lasting, this type of opener can be noise than most.

Belt Drive  

These types are quiet, can last much longer than chain drive openers and has advanced security features, but can be more expensive

Screw Drive  

A powerful lifting mechanism with much fewer moving parts and ultimately less maintenance required but it can be slower to open


A unique solution that fits where a traditional opener may not, but it allows for overhead storage and is a great value for your money

Direct Drive

Regarded as the quietest of all garage door openers, direct drive units have the fewest moving parts, just the motor, which travels the length of the track instead of a standard trolley. They are also similar in cost to belt driven openers.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured Garage Door Company

Big or small, whatever the problem we’re prepared to diagnose and repair your equipment and restore it to peak operating efficiency.  Our staff is fully licensed, bonded and insured so let us take care of the hard work.  Our Salt Lake division serves all of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.  No matter where you reside, give Elite Garage Door a call, and we’ll be there to serve you as quickly as possible!

Highly Trained Qualified And Courteous Technicians - Elite Garage Door
Elite Garage Doors Of Salt Lake
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Main Office: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County 84123
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Price Range: $79 - $1500
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