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Garage Door Bent Panels – Repair & Replacement

Overhead garage doors are designed to be space saving and easy to use as they fold while the door retracts.  The folding allows for the door to be firm when closing and yet save space when it rolls overhead.  However, one of the inherent drawbacks of this design is the bent garage door panel or panels.  They can get stuck and as a result damaged.  Also, getting stuck means that you may not be able to open the door and so the broken panels will have to be replaced.
Replacing and repairing garage door bent panels can be challenging for anyone who sets out to do it themselves.  It can also be extremely time consuming and if not done correctly can do more damage than good.  However, we have the ability and experience to fix any damaged panel and replace the ones that are damaged beyond repair.  So, your garage door will be as good as new once we are done with it!

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Why Hire a Professional to Fix Bent Garage Door Panel?

The primary reason to hire a professional like us to fix your bent garage door panel is that if not repaired properly it can lead to many other much more expensive issues. Setting bent panels can be a complicated task as there are many other components associated with an overhead garage door which need to move precisely.  When the torsion springs are stretched, and the tracks are bent, or if the belts are ruined they can all cause problems of their own.
Many times it isn’t just a lack of maintenance which can cause these issues at times it is the age of the garage door.  While replacing a single or multiple bent panels is comparatively easy and manageable, replacing numerous components is very challenging. Also, if not done correctly it can ruin the garage door.

How We Fix Your Garage Door Panels?

When dealing with a bent garage door panel or multiple panels for that matter, you have two options:

• If it is a minor bend in the panel, it can be repaired onsite. It may not have to be completely replaced. Repairs will help you save a great deal of money when compared to a complete panel replacement.
• If the panel is damaged to the point where repairing it isn’t worth the time or the effort then we recommend replacement.  We have some of the best most professional garage door repair professionals who will find and replace the panels with matching ones.  If the panels look out of sync regarding aesthetics, we will work to make it look perfect.

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Whether you have a bent garage door panel or if there are garage door rollers that came out of track we can help you.  Our team of professionals will visit your home to assess the situation and make recommendations accordingly.  Call us today for a quote or to find out more.

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