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Garage Door Safety Tips

Your garage door is the most massive and largest machine in any home, and so it is also dangerous.  Each year hospitals treat over 15000 injuries relating to a garage door incident across America.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s own National Electronic Injury Surveillance System confirms these figures.
Garage Door Safety needs to be everyone’s priority.  Below we provide a couple of tips which should help keep everyone safe.

Always Examine the Safety Sensors

The latest garage doors have a set of safety sensors hooked up to the rails which are a few inches off the ground.  The rails function to reverse the direction of a garage door that is closing if it senses an animal, child or person working near it.
To test the sensors push the control button to close the garage door.  But before it closes put a small object like a broom near the sensors.  That should block the beam effectively and cause the door to reverse or stop.  However, if the door does not stop or reverse then, you should call Elite Garage Door Installation and Repair to fix and adjust the sensors.

Passwords Should be a Secret

Many businesses and craftsmen will have codes for openers that allow for users to set a specific temporary code.  This code can be handy if you have someone coming over or you are expecting a package delivery, the codes can be used for temporary access without revealing the primary security code.  You can also use a smartphone app which allows you to remotely open and close the door.

Kids Shouldn’t Ride on Garage Doors

You shouldn’t let kids ride up or down a garage door by hanging on to it.  Kids should be taught that a garage door isn’t to be played with because of the danger involved.

Mind Your Fingers

Kids and adults alike should keep their fingers away from the spaces between the panels at all times.  According to NEISS, there are over 7,500 reported finger injuries caused by being caught in between the garage door sections.  Though some of the newer models have handy pinch protection which reduces the risk of finger and hand injuries.

Auto-reverse Test

Almost every garage door manufactured post-1991 have an automated reversing mechanism which enables the door to quickly reverse direction if it touches something in its way.  To test this, open the garage door fully and then place something like a toy in between it.  Then close the garage door.  If it does not reverse after it touches the toy or some other object you’ve placed, then its time to call us.

Force Testing

Technically if you try pushing the garage door down, it should stop when rising and when pushing up it should stay as it is lowering.  If it does not then you need to adjust the force setting which can be done yourself or you can hire professionals like us.
If your garage door isn’t up to the latest safety standards or does not work, then call us today for a thorough inspection and repair.

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