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New Garage Door – Service, Installation and Replacement

When in the market for New Garage Doors most home and business owners feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of doors available.  There are dozens of styles, materials, and prices from which to choose.  Additionally, you also need to consider factors like size and your budget.
In this article, we will take a quick look at what to consider when in the market for a garage door.  However, before you go ahead and buy one make sure that you have a reputed garage door company onboard who is ready to install it as soon as the door is purchased.

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What Will Your New Garage Door Be Used for?

While the answer may be a no-brainer, i.e., the garage door is going to be used to secure what is in the garage, i.e., your car.  However, many people use the garage space for many other purposes like a gaming room, indoor theater, or use it as a mini-workshop.
Now if the garage is going to also double as a small workshop, you’ll want to have a garage door that allows the most natural light inside.  So, a glass carriage house door will make more sense.  If you’re concerned about temperature control to protect items inside of the garage from freezing, then you’ll want to consider an insulated door.

Garage Door Cycles Matter

It is imperative that you consider how the garage door works regarding its cycles.  A single cycle is each time the door is lifted and lowered.  So, each time you exit or enter the garage you’re putting the door through one cycle.  Most homeowners will use the garage as their primary means of exiting and entering the home.  Every garage door has a lifespan regardless of how durable, and expensive it may be.  So, wear and tear is a real consideration, as well as stress on the rails and hinges.  If you want to get the most cycles out of the garage door, then consider aluminum and steel doors.  Though they may cost slightly more than other types of garage doors.

Steel Garage Doors

It is one of the most popular options because it is hard to beat regarding performance.  It lasts long and is durable. It can bear the brunt of hockey pucks, tennis balls, or whatever else you throw at it.
New Steel garage doors are also relatively cheap, so they are sturdy yet budget-friendly.  They are also available in various thickness and gauges.  Ideally, you’ll want to consider twenty-eight gauge steel doors which are thin, but also lightweight.  Though if you want something more robust then consider twenty-four gauge garage doors since it also provides better insulation.

Glass and Aluminum Garage Doors

Even though they may differ in structural strength, they are both worth considering. New garage doors made from aluminum are the doors of choice because they are considerably light and yet durable.  Plus you don’t need to worry about rusting.
Alternatively, glass garage doors are more modern looking.  You can get ones with framed glass panels padded within a steel or aluminum housing.  Though you’ll be spending slightly more and will be sacrificing a bit of durability in favor of more natural light.

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