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Commercial Garage Door Repair Service

Elite Garage Door Repair and Installation service include Commercial Garage Door Service and Repair.  We install and repair some of the most massive and most complicated garage doors with the same quality, dedication and care as we do for residential garages.  Our commercial garage door repair services are manned by a team of highly professional and certified specialists with years of experience.  Our Elite specialists cater to Shops, warehouses, barns and every other commercial establishment with a garage door.  The team arrives at your place of business with all the required tools and replacement parts to fix any problem or to install any type of garage door, so you are in good hands.

You Can Rely On The Quality Of Our Commercial Garage Door Specialists

Our Commercial Garage Door Repair Services Include but aren’t Limited to:

• Repairing of misaligned, damaged or bent tracks.
• We provide new door replacement and repair for sectional, rollup, and rolling steel doors, etc.
• Our specialists can repair a failed motor regardless of type.
• Off track repairs.
• Complete spring repairs.
• Hinge and roller replacement.
• Opener repair and replacement.
• Service panel replacement or repair.
• Garage door servicing.
• Service door repairing

The Most Common Issues with Commercial Garage Doors

In our experience, one of the most common issues with commercial garage doors is with their opener.  We have observed that the garage door opener is the weakest link in most commercial garage doors which if they fail prevents the door from opening or closing.  When the opener fails it either has to be replaced or repaired.
Most inexperienced commercial garage door professionals will recommend a replacement because repairing it is too, but we beg to differ.  Our goal is to help provide you with the best, and most cost-effective solution which means that we’ll try to repair it if it can be done reliably.

Garage Door Repair with a Warranty

We want our clients to feel comfortable doing business with us and especially those who have not hired us before.  By backing our workmanship with a warranty, businesses can be assured that the repairs we undertake or the installation we do will be of the best quality.  Also, if they notice the same issue again a few weeks later, we will return to fix it. So, you have nothing to lose.
Plus the parts we replace are also backed by their respective warranties.  Since we only use the highest quality replacement parts, you can be sure of their excellent service life which helps you save time and money in the long term.

Commercial Garage Door Specialists

At Elite Garage Door Repair and Installation, we are a company that prides ourselves on delivering quality.  As a family-owned business, we specialize in all types of commercial garage door repair.  We can also help advise business owners on the best doors and how to remedy various issues.  If your garage door isn’t working now is the time to call us for an immediate inspection!

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