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Off Track Repair

We will get you back on track!  That’s right a garage door comes off its rails for many reasons, and in most cases, it has nothing to do with the quality of your door or its maintenance.  However, getting it back on track can be a bit frustrating.  That’s where our service comes in!
At Elite Garage Door our team of professionals will put any garage door back on its tracks.  We do so by using the latest techniques which help us put it back without causing any scratches or dings.  As a matter of fact, unlike other services, we guarantee that your garage door’s paint job or its finishing will not be affected in any way.

Garage Door Off Track Repair Specialists - Elite Garage Door
Our Team Of Professionals Will Put Any Garage Door Back On Its Tracks

Why Does a Garage Door go off Track?

It is one of the most common questions we are asked, and the answer to this is a little tricky. For starters, there are many reasons for a garage door going off its tracks. It can happen because of a natural disaster, an earthquake or if it was rammed by a vehicle. Sometimes a garage door may come off track if the springs are not exerting proper tension. That is a problem with the springs and until the springs aren’t fixed putting it back on track will not give you permanent relief.
When you hire us to re-track your garage door, we start by first finding the root of the problem. Once we identify what made the door go off track, we will fix that problem before putting things back. That way you never have to worry about it going off track again.

Expert Same Day Repair

Some people may want to attempt putting their garage door back on track themselves.  We highly advise against doing that because it can be dangerous.  Whenever your garage door goes off track or gets stuck you should call us.  Our professionals will be there in no time and fix the problem within a couple of hours. We will work without cutting corners, so we assure you of the best, most thorough service.

You May Have Damaged Tracks

Most home or business owners may not realize this, but their garage door’s tracks may be damaged.  So, the door isn’t just off track but also that the track is not perfectly aligned or is broken.  When the garage door isn’t properly seated, that’s when it can also be thrown off.
At Elite Garage Door we have the experience and tools to fix any problem.  So, you can expect that the garage door will become as good as new once we are done with it.  Whether it is the rollers which aren’t aligned properly with the tracks, or if they are dented or broken our technicians will stop at nothing to fix it permanently.
Hire our trained and certified professionals today to fix when your garage door goes off track so that it never bothers you again!

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