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Garage Door Maintenance Service

Your garage door is a sophisticated piece of machinery, and like all other similar machines, it requires routine maintenance to ensure that it continues to work as expected.  Unknown to many home and business owners the garage door and the opener are comprised of well over 300 moving parts.  Each part needs to work in synchronization with the other to adequately lower and raise the door.  When any one of these parts fails for lack of maintenance, it can cause the garage door to stop working. It can be frustrating, but the good news is that Elite’s Garage Door Maintenance Services can help you.
At Elite Garage Door Repair and Installation, our team of specialists will thoroughly inspect every inch of your garage door for potential problems.  We will then make a list of all the issues we spot and their possible solutions.  Considering our recommendations can help you save a lot of time, money and frustration in the long-term.

Garage Door Maintenance Service - Elite Garage Door
You Can Rely On The Quality Of Our Garage Door Opener Repair And All Other Types Of Garage Door Service And Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Check

When you call our technicians for either garage door repair or to perform routine maintenance, they put the door through a checklist of tasks.  Each task is meant to test and examine a specific part of the garage door.  We focus on all the trouble spots associated with your garage door’s make and model.  Plus we examine everything from the door panels to the sensors, springs, track, safety release and all other parts.
An inspection is also used to ensure that the repair work we have carried out is proper and if it does fix the problem with the door.  Plus, it is also meant to spot any potential issues with the garage door mechanism which could later become a serious issue.  That said we never go about repairing a problem without getting your input first.  So, how much you spend and when you spend on repairs is up to you.

Hire Garage Door Maintenance Experts

Garage doors are made up of a complex series of machines.  It is their complexity which can be dangerous for people who don’t have the experience of repairing these issues.  That’s why we stress that home and business owners only hire garage door maintenance experts like us with years of experience to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Elite’s Garage Door Maintenance Includes:

We run a thorough diagnostic of all sections of the door like the counterbalance system, track, weather seals, hinges, and rollers.
We will also tighten and inspect all the screws and bolts.
Check the downward pressure of the opener.
If the door is imbalanced we will rebalance it.
We will also adjust the travel and check its safety settings.
Check the alignment of the electronic eyes.
Thoroughly lubricate the sprocket and chains of the opener.

Call The Elite Garage Door Specialists

We don’t take garage door maintenance lightly. When you have the Elite team on your side, you know that all problems will be fixed as the door is treated to the best maintenance that money can buy. We ensure this by only hiring the best people for the job and putting them through regular training sessions. So, our quality is guaranteed!

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