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Garage Door Security Tips

Do you think that the Garage Door Is Secure just because nobody can get in without a code?  Most people with the latest keypad secured garage doors assume that this is the case when it is not.  Burglars can get into your home by bypassing the garage door in many ways even if you have an automatic door.  However, there are a couple of things you can do to deter if not prevent burglars from coming in through the garage door.

Make Sure It Is Closed

The no.1 thing you should do is to keep the door shut at all times especially when nobody is home.  Yes! It does seem obvious, but many people shift the burden on to the so-called ‘autopilot’ mode of their garage door which is never a good idea.  Burglars can just as easily get in before the autopilot shuts the door.

Proper Timing Makes a Huge Difference

When it comes to garage door security, you’d want to invest in a garage door timer so that if you forget to close the door, it closes on its own.  Though there are times when you’ll want the door to remain open like when you’re doing some yard work or cleaning the garage.  So, you’ll want to buy a timer that can be turned off just as easily.  Plus, you’ll want to set it to close after around 30 seconds because that’s how long it will take for most people to drive in or out of their garage.

Secure the Door Leading from the Garage

Let’s assume that an intruder was able to get into the garage do you also want them to enter your primary residence?  You will want to treat the door leading from the garage to your home like the main entrance.  It should be well built, locked securely and checked.  The door should be locked at all times even if it takes an extra minute to pull out the right keys.  Alternatively, you’ll want to get a digital lock.

The Key Should Be with You at All times

Never leave the keys or the remote to your garage in the car or any other place where it is easily visible.  The opener should be kept in a secret location if it is in the car.  Ideally, you’ll want to use a garage door opener which directly attaches to the keychain that way you won’t forget it anywhere.

Protect the Emergency Release

Protect the Emergency Release We have seen dozens of garage door security videos where thieves were easily able to bypass the automatic garage door.  The way its done in case you haven’t seen the video is by wedging the top of the door a bit so that the intruder can slip a thin coat hanger through that space and pull open the emergency release.  Once they pull the release getting is only a matter of manually lifting the door.  So, make sure that the emergency release isn’t so easy to access by getting a professional to install it securely.

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