When is the Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

//When is the Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Garage Door?

Knowing when to replace your garage door can save you from a lot of future trouble and possibly even money moving forward. After all, professional garage door repair isn’t cheap. In this article, we’ll examine what signs indicate that your garage door should be replaced. If we as professionals see these signs there is a 99% percent chance we’ll recommend our clients to replace their garage doors.

The Garage Door Has Chronic Issues

While it is possible to repair a sudden issue, more consistent or chronic problems, if left unaddressed for months or years will lead to a total replacement. All garage doors have a few hefty moving parts. If the door works as designed, it can be closed and opened multiple times a day without problems. You might want to run an extensive durability check on the garage door. However, a small issue can cause the lifting mechanism to not work properly. If that issue isn’t resolved in time it can become a chronic pain point, which will then lead to a replacement as the only long-term solution.

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Replace Your Garage Door if it is Damaged Severely

There is a point at which the cost of repairing it may outpace what you’ll pay for a new one. The fact is that the cost of fabricating a new garage door is far lower than getting one that’s extensively damaged repaired. So, in this case, you’re better off buying a new garage door.

The Door is too Old

Curb appeal is the no. 1 reason why you should have a great looking garage door. If you’re putting the home on the market, keep in mind that most people are looking for their dream home, and a big part of it is one that has a cool looking garage door.

While you can spice up the garage door with a coat of paint, the truth is that if your garage door is like 20 years old, that paint can’t hide its age. So, you’ll want to consider a new garage door to add curb appeal and up the market value of the home.

A Recent Break-In

Many older and a couple of new garage doors can be easily bypassed by thieves. Sometimes burglars can figure out the pin code that opened the door manually. Perhaps there is a way to disengage the motor and then open the garage door by hand. Regardless, the prospect of that happening again is unsettling.

Sure, security can be redone, but a much better thing to do is to replace the entire garage door. In most cases a new security code isn’t going to cut it because the thieves have figured out a way to bypass the garage door’s security. That’s why a new garage door is the only way to assure security for your family.


Installing a new garage door or upgrading to a new garage door can be expensive, so you’ll always want to be sure that it is necessary. That’s why before you replace the garage door make sure to consult with a team of experts. Then buy a garage door that they recommend.

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