Have You Done a Garage Door Durability Check?

//Have You Done a Garage Door Durability Check?

Have You Done a Garage Door Durability Check?

How durable or strong is your garage door? Have you stopped to think just how long the average garage door can take the wear and tear your household imparts on it? Interestingly garage doors, in general, are extremely durable. They are designed to withstand a great deal of damage but everything has a breaking point and so do our garage doors.

In this article, we examine what a Garage Door Durability Check is and what we found out from it.

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Answer These Questions First

Your garage door is in front of you all day and night, yet it isn’t something we look at. So, we don’t see the work it is doing or even the stress that it endures.

So here are a couple of questions you need to ask:

  • How much is your garage door pounded on by footballs, basketballs, baseballs and various other objects?
  • Has your garage door worked to protect your home from potential break-ins?
  • Does it keep your home warm during the winter?
  • Does it protect you and your family from sleet, snow, rain, and wind?

What We Found Out From Our Garage Door Durability Check

  • The average garage door can deliver around 25000 cycles. Each cycle is the garage door opening and closing. 25K cycles is around the same amount of work required to both climb up and then down Mount Everest 5x times!
  • Our Garage Door Durability Check showed that the garage door is consistently pounded by loads of ultraviolet rays, in addition to solar energy and heat, that’s enough to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. That energy over the course of 25 years which is the average lifespan of a garage door is equivalent to 55 barrels of gasoline. Yet your garage door absorbs all of this without a hitch.
  • Our garage doors are also battling various other forces. A garage door can confront winds of up to 145km/h or 90mph which is equivalent to the weight of a regular sized family sedan.

Do You Have a New Found Appreciation for Your Garage Door?

The reason for putting together this short list of essential facts about garage doors and their durability is to give people some ideas as to what can go wrong if their garage doors aren’t durable. Sure there is no such thing as a real Garage Door Durability Check except for perhaps the one that the manufacturer administers when designing the garage door. However, knowing about the stresses and forces that your garage door is bearing should motivate you to invest in regular garage door maintenance.

Professionals like us provide top quality professional garage door maintenance and will examine a garage door for vulnerabilities. If we find something, it can be fixed before the problem is either exploited by intruders a snowstorm or some other external factor. So, in a way we offer a minor Garage Door Durability Check to ensure that it continues to protect you, your family and your precious belongings.

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