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Call Our Professionals For Garage Door Opener Repair Service, And You’ll Get Top Quality Service Along With Top Quality Parts

Our staff of licensed and trained professionals is ready to diagnose your garage door problems today.  Your garage door opener is the heart of your entire automatic garage door system, and there are many kinds of issues that we’ve seen in our line of work such as:

Sagging Chains/Worn Belt
Damage From Lightning Strikes
Intermittent or Sub-Par Performance
Unwanted Rattling or Noise
Motor Runs But Door Won’t Lift
Non-Functioning Remote
Broken Wall Opener or Bad Wiring
Garage-Door-Belt-Drive-Opener-•-Elite-Graage Door Of Salt Lake

Belt Drive
Garage-Door-Chain-Drive-Opener-•-Elite-Graage Door Of Salt Lake

Chain Drive

Screw Drive

You Can Rely On The Quality Of Our Garage Door Opener Repair And All Other Types Of Garage Door Service And Maintenance

Should You Repair it, Or Toss it?

Your garage door opener is the primary lifting mechanism for your automatic garage door system and handles a lot of stress. In many instances, if your opener isn’t performing as it should, it’s usually a simple fix for our trained professionals.
In certain circumstances, replacement is ideal and possibly required.  Some reasons for this are as follows:

If your garage door opener manufactured before 1993, when federal regulations (UL 325) were updated to ensure the safety of future units, you should replace it. If you tried to sell your house, it likely wouldn’t pass inspection with an older model opener.
Some brands have been known to have safety defects that resulted in injury or worse, so if yours is a brand by a company that has had successful litigation against it, we’d recommend replacement.
In ever-changing markets, companies come and go, so if your brand of opener is obsolete because the manufacturer went out of business or there are no parts available, a replacement might be your only recourse
Modern garage doors are constantly advancing with the times. Given the rise of smartphones, smart homes, and remote, app-based security, many companies now offer safer and technologically advanced features that you should consider for your home. The safety and security of your family should always be a consideration when upgrading or repairing your equipment.

Let the Pros Handle the Dirty Work

While you can test your garage doors balance yourself, by manually opening and closing the door, when it comes to the mechanical parts themselves, it’s always best to call the professionals.  Our courteous staff is here from 7 am – 10 pm ready to give you a quote should you need use of our services

Parts & Warranty

Elite Garage Door stands by its work, and because of that, we offer a 90 warranty on labor and a full two-year warranty on parts.  Should any repair not meet your absolute satisfaction we’ll be more than happy to send a technician out to correct the problem so that you can have peace of mind.

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